Business France

Business France is a government agency supporting the international development of the French economy. The ICT team (Information and Communications Technology, and Aeronautics) is based in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen-Canton, Hong-Kong, Wuhan and Chengdu, with a mission to help French technology startups and innovative SMEs in their Chinese development. Through programs such as ubi i/o, in US, our goal with Acceleratech in China is to provide qualified companies with access to unique resources and contacts to help them grow on a global scale. Our goal is also introduce a better understanding of the french Digital ecosystem.


Bpi France

Bpifrance, the public investment bank, is a trusted partner for entrepreneurs. Bpifrance finances businesses through loans, guarantees, and equity during all stages, from the seed phase to transfer and listing on the stock exchange. In partnership with BUSINESS FRANCE and Coface, Bpifrance accompanies firms developing export activities and provides support for their innovation projects. Bpifrance offers businesses the benefit of a powerful contact, one who is readily available and able to efficiently respond to their financing needs during every step of their development.